About the frozenprose blog:



I’m a seasoned professional offering writing, editing and ghostwriting services, from business letters to freelance articles.

I’ll write you stories that sing, reports that pop and professional letters that sooth (or not) depending on your needs.

Since leaving the Jackson Hole News&Guide last year my work has appeared in the Wyoming Business Report and will appear in the JH Style Magazine.

Here, and on LinkedIn,  I’m also offering advice to journalism professionals about challenges that we face.

I started a blog circa 2009 originally as a part of the Alaska Pioneer Press newspaper website. This place, frozenprose.com, is a new venue to showcase freelance projects and let you know how I can help.

And if you’re a World War II buff, here’s a bonus.

My Dad’s history as a 43rd Cavalry Recon Trooper in the South Pacific is serialized in the bottom portion of the blog.

About me: I’m a veteran journalist living in Jackson, Wyoming. My professional life has been all about non-fiction, writing and editing news reports and editorials. But I’m a frustrated fiction writer. Now that I am no longer Managing Editor of a daily newspaper I’m free to pursue a few of those projects I’ve been putting off, and this is one.


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